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Helping South Australians

Your Senator provides many services including:


  • The Australian Constitution
  • Enrol to Vote forms
  • Some public documents from Australian Government Departments, Australian Symbols, Flags and other items

Understanding Australia

Freely available to schools, local councils, churches, non-profit community organisations, exchange students, humanitarian workers and individuals upon request:

  • The Australian Flag (suitable for outdoors)
  • The book on the Flags of Australia
  • The Australian National Anthem CD or DVD
  • Printed Words of the Australian national Anthem
  • Australian national Symbols Pamphlet Kit
  • Photos of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

Congratulatory Messages

Special occasions deserve special messages – Sean can assist with messages from:

  • The Prime Minister:
    • 50th or subsequent wedding anniversary
    • 90th or subsequent birthday
  • The Governor-General:
    • 60th or subsequent wedding anniversary
    • 100th or subsequent birthday
  • The Queen:
    • 60th anniversary and every fifth year thereafter
    • 100th birthday and every fifth year thereafter

Working with Australian Government Departments and Agencies

  • Department of Immigration
  • Centrelink
  • Tax Office
  • Australian Government Grant programmes

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