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The Australian: Greens exposed on nuclear storage

Senator Sean Edwards As published in The Australian, March 20, 2015 If there’s one party in Australian politics morally and philosophically compelled to support advanced nuclear energy it’s the Greens. That they so enthusiastically oppose it is an act of supreme hypocrisy. My submission to the South Australian royal commission into the nuclear fuel cycle […]

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Greenies are holding up a clean energy future by opposing nuclear

As published on the ABC Environment website The environmental, scientific, economic, philosophical and moral arguments stack up: it’s time for South Australia to embrace nuclear power. Nowadays anti-nuclear activists are among the greatest obstacles to the planet’s environmental healing. Try as they might, they can’t meaningfully oppose nuclear power on environmental grounds. That’s because nuclear […]

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Media Release

The ABC Must Be Forced By Law To Maintain South Australian Production Operations

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards said the Australian Broadcasting Corporation must be forced by law to honour its obligation to audiences outside of Sydney and Melbourne through a return to tied-funding.

Tied-funding has been used in the past to compel the ABC to adequately fund regional operations. “All indications are ABC Managing Director Mark Scott will use what are relatively minor cost savings being asked of him as an opportunity to continue a campaign of centralisation and to conveniently blame this on Government”, Senator Edwards said. […]

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