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Media Release

Superannuation gender inequality is a handbrake on our economy

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards said the forthcoming Senate inquiry into gender inequality in the superannuation system would examine the drivers that leave many retiring women with just over half the superannuation balance of retiring men. “Women retire with half the superannuation of men as a result of many factors, such as reduced […]

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Media Release

Funding for Indigenous aged care in Wakefield

The Australian Government is providing Aboriginal Elders and Community Care Services with $36,000 for capital works upgrades to its aged care facility. Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards said the funding is part of a $10.8 million investment in critical staff accommodation and for equipment, maintenance and upgrades for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander […]

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Media Release

Joint Government And Private Investment To Help Drive Next Generation Manufacturing In South Australia

Senator for South Australia, Sean Edwards welcomed the Australian Government’s investment of over $9.3M to assist local manufacturers in Wakefield to focus on high value next-generation manufacturing. “This is fantastic news for the Wakefield community and demonstrates this Government’s commitment to supporting the future of manufacturing in South Australia,” Senator Edwards said. The Government is […]

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Asia & The Pacific Policy Society: Going Nuclear

Read the original article here. The Australian nuclear debate has changed significantly since the 1980s, with new technology making the industry safer, and community attitudes shifting. Now it’s time to consider a role for South Australia in the nuclear industry, Senator Sean Edwards argues. The Australian nuclear debate has certainly changed. Not only has political […]

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The Nuclear Opportunity (The Sydney Institute, 7 April 2015)

In Australia the nuclear debate has generally occurred on three fronts. They are the scientific, economic and political dimensions. Discussion of Australia’s place in the nuclear industry has been in hibernation since the Switskowski report of a decade or so ago when a change in government stopped progress in its tracks. However the South Australian […]

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