South Australia is a Major Step Closer to an Economic Transformation

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards welcomes today’s Tentative Findings of the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission as bringing us a major step closer to embracing an economically transformative opportunity for South Australia.

“I am pleased the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has identified a major economic opportunity for our state in spent nuclear fuel custody,” Senator Edwards said.

“The Royal Commission models this as being worth close to half-a-trillion dollars to South Australia over 70 years and today’s Tentative Findings leave the door open for future uses for that stockpile of nuclear material such as in recycling and power generation when and if Government deems it feasible.

“The Royal Commission quite rightly points out the importance of state and federal bipartisanship on this matter because, as I’ve always said, the real challenge is going to be a political one.

“The science is sound and it has become clear that the vast majority of South Australian people want this incredible business opportunity. So the next question is how does South Australia put to best use a State Wealth Fund growing at more than $6b per year? Therein lies a roadmap for the economic transformation of South Australia,” Senator Edwards said.