Joint Government And Private Investment To Help Drive Next Generation Manufacturing In South Australia

Senator for South Australia, Sean Edwards welcomed the Australian Government’s investment of over $9.3M to assist local manufacturers in Wakefield to focus on high value next-generation manufacturing.

“This is fantastic news for the Wakefield community and demonstrates this Government’s commitment to supporting the future of manufacturing in South Australia,” Senator Edwards said.

The Government is investing $28.8M in South Australia under this round of the Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme.

Federal Minister for Industry and Science Ian Macfarlane and SA Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation and Automotive Transformation Kyam Maher announced on Monday that 15 firms would benefit from the programme including five from the Wakefield region.

The successful applicants in Wakefield include:

  • Ahrens Group Pty Ltd in Kingsford, who will receive $3,083,487 towards establishing a flat bottom silo manufacturing facility.
  • BAE Systems Australia Limited in Edinburgh, who will receive $2,479,500 towards a $4,959,000 project to develop complex mill turn capability in hard metals and expand high-value manufacturing activities to encompass engine components for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter Project.
  • Levett Engineering Pty Ltd in Elizabeth, who will receive $1,632,500 towards expanding their high value manufacturing capacity to meet production volumes required for components for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter project and accelerate their ability to take up new opportunities across diversified markets.
  • Mayfield Industries Pty Ltd in Edinburgh, who will receive $1,414,981 towards a new plant and equipment for the production of switchboards and transportable switchrooms.
  • Stevens Structural Pty Ltd in Elizabeth West, who will receive $725,188 towards developing a new Advanced Structural Steel Manufacturing Centre to increase workshop efficiencies, increase productivity and capacity and reduce production cycle times at its facility in Edinburgh North.

Senator Edwards said this Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme funding was part of the Australian Government’s $155 million Growth Fund, which is helping businesses innovate, attract private sector investment and move to new or expanded high value manufacturing activities.

“This funding is critical for companies to undertake capital projects that will help them build in size and scope, and most importantly assist them to focus on high value manufacturing,” Senator Edwards said.

“This will then help them to attract investment and then move into new and expanding markets.

“It is part of the Australian Government’s suite of industry and manufacturing programmes dedicated to ensuring a strong and sustainable manufacturing industry in South Australia and across the country” Senator Edwards said.

The elements of the Growth Fund are:

A $30 million Skills and Training Programme to help automotive workers to find new jobs before they are retrenched;

  • A $15 million extension and modification to the Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Programme to help automotive workers to find new jobs when they are retrenched;
  • A $20 million Automotive Diversification Programme to help automotive supply chain firms capable of diversifying, to enter new markets;
  • A $60 million Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme to accelerate private sector investment in high value non-automotive manufacturing sectors in Victoria and South Australia; and
  • A $30 million Regional Infrastructure Programme to support investment in non‑manufacturing opportunities in affected regions.

The Australian Government contributed $101 million to the Growth Fund, South Australia and Victoria have each contributed $12 million and Holden and Toyota have contributed $15 million each.

Further information on the programme and a list of the investments can be found at