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Media Release

The Cost of the Labor/Greens Ban on Cattle Exports to Indonesia

The full cost of the Gillard/Brown Federal government’s ill-thought out ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia are becoming more apparent. South Australian Liberal Senator Sean Edwards said today that a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) response to questions on notice indicated the high price Australians were paying for the Labor/Greens mismanagement of […]

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Media Release

Senator Sean Edwards standing by regional smallgoods manufacturer & 20 jobs – And where is Labor’s Nick Champion?

The issue of the Gawler small goods manufacturer, Wintulichs, being hit with a 1700% Federal Labor government export licensing fee was raised at a Senate Committee in Canberra by Liberal Senator Sean Edwards last Tuesday. The South Australian senator as a member of the Parliamentary Rural Affairs and Transport Reference Committee was inquiring into the […]

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