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Submarines in SA

The Turnbull Government has announced that South Australian shipbuilders will construct 12 cutting edge submarines in a $50 billion project, using Australian steel and creating 2,800 jobs.

South Australian shipbuilder ASC will partner with French company DCNS to design and manufacture a fleet of Shortfin Barracuda class submarines in Adelaide to replace the outgoing Collins class fleet.

Australian submarines, built in South Australia by Australians using Australian steel.

The new submarine fleet is the biggest Defence procurement project undertaken in Australian history and it will be built right here in South Australia. This is an historical day not just for South Australian shipbuilders but for an entire state.

The Shortfin Barracuda submarine will provide the Royal Australian Navy with a world-class conventional submarine capability, it will provide the highest value for taxpayers and it will maximise the benefit for South Australian industry.

This is an opportunity that very nearly wasn’t to be. There is no doubt the project could easily have gone offshore and what secured it for our state was the intervention of South Australian Liberals who lobbied Cabinet members overtly and covertly to make this happen.

Labor didn’t commission a single ship during its six years in government while the Coalition is responsible for launching an entire naval shipbuilding industry in our first term of government.

Australia now has a fully fledged continuous naval shipbuilding industry with enough work on its books to create jobs for generations.



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