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Key issues for South Australia

The Senate, especially through its strong system of committees, provides real opportunities to work to get policies right. By contributing to our national Parliament I hope to get us set on the right course by focusing on many of the issues that matter most to South Australia.

The SA Royal Commission in the nuclear fuel cycle

I am calling for South Australia to stake its claim on the global spent nuclear fuel recycling market and I am providing a submission to the SA Royal Commission into the nuclear fuel cycle. It will propose that we embrace a role in the global spent nuclear fuel recycling market. Read more…

Building submarines in SA

I have been advocating for South Australian shipbuilders to be given the opportunity to build the Future Submarine fleet in a meritorious selection process. We must ensure that Navy gets the best possible submarine, that the tax payer gets the best value for money and that Australian industry gets the maximum benefit from maximum involvement in the process. Read more…


The Australian wine industry has been in the doldrums for more than a decade. 60% of our wine producers are breaking even while 30% are losing money. Only 10% of Australian wine makers are making a profit. It goes without saying this needs to urgent repair. Read more…

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