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Senator Sean Edwards

Some people forget that the Senate exists to represent the states. That’s why when I go to Canberra, I so do in the interests of South Australians.

I am a fifth generation Clare man and like many early South Australian families, the Edwards were farmers, small business people and entrepreneurs. They were people working hard to give their family a prosperous life in a new land.

I joined the Parliament after being elected a Liberal Senator for South Australia at the 2010 Federal election. Before politics I spent many years as a wine maker and before that I worked in the property industry.

I have four children – Abbey, George, Harrison and Natasha.

I joined the Liberal Party in 1985 and I have filled many posts including SA State President from 2007 to 2010.

It’s the greatest privilege of my life to be a South Australian Senator. From that opportunity must come meaningful benefits for South Australians.

In politics it’s easy to mistake movement for momentum. I can run around the country attending all manner of inquiries and making any number of speeches, but this is not a measure of success. Success in public life is about real outcomes for ordinary people.

That’s why I am working hard to see our state develop a world leading nuclear industry and I have previously intervened in the Future Submarine project to ensure South Australia gets the best deal possible.


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