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Media Release

Arrium Management has Questions to Answer

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards said management at Whyalla based steelmaker Arrium has questions to answer over the state of the ailing manufacturer. Senator Edwards visited the Arrium Steelworks in Whyalla yesterday and he questioned management representatives during a Senate hearing in Canberra today. “It appears to me that Arrium’s fundamental business of […]

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Port Adelaide Hosts Key BP Infrastructure Project

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards said the construction of a BP Marine Supply Base at Port Adelaide represented a major step forward in our exploration of oil and gas fields in the Great Australian Bight. The Marine Supply Base supports BP’s Great Australian Bight programme for offshore petroleum exploration permits granted in 2011. […]

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Media Release

South Australia is a Major Step Closer to an Economic Transformation

Liberal Senator for South Australia Sean Edwards welcomes today’s Tentative Findings of the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission as bringing us a major step closer to embracing an economically transformative opportunity for South Australia. “I am pleased the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has identified a major economic opportunity for our state in spent […]

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