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Media Release

What has Labor done to grow SA’s economy?… Nothing

After 12 years of State Labor, Premier Jay Weatherill is refusing to take any responsibility for South Australia’s shocking economic position. “Premier Weatherill just keeps putting his hand out wanting more and more from the Federal Government. He has done nothing to help industry grow and develop in South Australia. The state has gone backwards […]

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Media Release

Nick Champion has done nothing for Holden

Senator Sean Edwards wants the record set straight. “Holden didn’t decide to close their Elizabeth plant overnight. A business this size doesn’t make decisions like this quickly. It takes months and months of boardroom discussion and research to make these plans.” he said. Nick Champion had 6 years as part of the Gillard/Rudd Labor Government […]

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Senator Edwards asks about the feral camel cull

Senator Sean Edwards asks Agriculture Department officials about Labor’s feral camel cull in Central Australia. Estimates of the feral camel cull population were dramatically revised down from over 1 million to 300, 000 by Ninti One raising questions about the veracity and reliability of their methodology.

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